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How to find your FAFSA School Code!

Use this free FAFSA Federal School Code search to find the FAFSA School Codes for each college or university you are applying to in order to complete the FAFSA. Not quite sure where you're applying? That's okay. Check out HowToGetIn's college search to compile your school list.

Where will you need to submit your FAFSA Federal School Codes?

On the FAFSA Form, students will list the schools they wish to attend and each school's FAFSA School Code in the student section focusing on Eligibility for Aid. This section is covered in Step 4 of our free Step-by-Step FAFSA Form Guide.

FAFSA School Codes by U.S. State

Choose the state from which your school belongs to in the drop down below to find information on your school, including it's federal school code.

FAFSA School Code | Information about your Federal School Code!

The FAFSA School Code is a six-character code that begins with a 0 (zero), G, B, or E. Be sure to use the correct FAFSA School Code on the FAFSA because some schools have several codes to designate different programs or campuses.

Our federal school code search tool was created to help you find the school code at your college or university. You can simply click on the state of your choice from the drop down list and then select your college. You may input multiple federal school codes when completing the FAFSA if you are not sure which school you will be attending. The FAFSA school code may also be required on other financial aid applications. If you don't find your school code here, you school may not be eligible for federal aid programs. In that case, contact your school admissions or financial aid office for further assistance.