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If you want to apply for federal financial aid—including the Stafford Loan, Pell Grant, Perkins Loan, and work-study programs—you'll need to submit a financial aid application for Oglala Lakota College to find out what is available to you. Some state aid programs and the Oglala Lakota College financial aid offices may also require the FAFSA. (Financial aid is only available for those who apply and are qualified.)

Use the chart on this page to get an estimate of the total cost of attending Oglala Lakota College and how much financial aid you may need. When you're ready to begin the financial aid process, follow these steps:

To complete the FAFSA and other financial aid forms, you will need your Federal (or FAFSA) School Code. Click here to get the FAFSA school code for Oglala Lakota College

Where do I submit my FAFSA Federal School Codes? On the FAFSA form's Eligibility for Aid section, you'll list the name of every school you're applying to and the corresponding FAFSA School Code. If you need help, learn more about this and other sections of the FAFSA form with our step-by-step FAFSA guide.

Oglala Lakota College Information
Federal School Code Click here to get the FAFSA school code for Oglala Lakota College
Out of State Tuition $1,920
More Information: Oglala Lakota College Admissions

*Admissions, Expenses, Majors and General information provided on schools utilize publicly released data from the National Center for Education Statistics, IPEDS database: Institutional Characteristics 2012-2013, Enrollments Fall 2012, and Student Financial Aid 2012-2013.

The federal school code for Oglala Lakota College is 01465900. If you need additional assistance or financial aid help, contact the Oglala Lakota College Financial Aid Office by mail at 490 Piya Wiconi Road, Kyle, SD 57752-0490.

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