Complete and Sign your Form | Step 11

Step #11 of the FAFSA Online Guide to the FAFSA Form tutorial follows. If you have not read through steps 1-10, we suggest you start with step #1. If you are ready to file your FAFSA application or Renewal FAFSA form online, then please click here.

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Signing and completing your FAFSA

Once you have answered questions about your finances, you will be asked to sign and submit your FAFSA, along with your parent if you are a dependent student.

Be sure to have your FAFSA PIN ready and use exactly the same information you used on Step 1. Also ensure that you answer No to the question "Are you a preparer?" as this specifically refers to financial consultants, FAFSA preparation services, and other financial professionals.

FAFSA Form Help: Sign and Submit Your FAFSA

Once you finish this page, if you are a dependent student, your parent will be asked to do the same.

Note that parents can choose three different options for signing the FAFSA. In terms of speed and correctness, signing electronically using the parent's PIN is the best choice.

Tip: The parent has a different PIN than the student.

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