FAFSA Account Setup | Step 2

Step #2 of the FAFSA Online Guide to the FAFSA Form tutorial follows. If you have not read through step #1, we suggest you start with step #1. If you are ready to file your FAFSA form or Renewal FAFSA form online, then please click here.

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Creating your FAFSA account

The moment you arrive at the Federal Student Aid Website (www.fafsa.ed.gov), you will be greeted with a student login screen.

Begin by inputting the Social Security number of the student, along with the name and date of birth. When putting in numbers, do not use dashes, spaces, hyphens, periods, commas, etc.

FAFSA Form Help: FAFSA Login Page

Notice those peculiar little keyboards next to some fields on the form? The Department of Education had those added to the FAFSA form as a way of trying to prevent identity theft. Instead of typing in some pieces of information on the FAFSA (especially on public computers at libraries, schools, etc.), the virtual keyboard theoretically makes it harder to steal that information by having you click on the letters and numbers.

Do you need to use it? If you are at a completely public computer, you might want to, but if you are at your home computer or using the computer of someone you trust, it's probably overkill.

Note that along the left-hand side there's a dark blue border and the word STUDENT. This tells you that the information you are currently completing is for the student. The border will change colors to purple and say PARENT when the form asks for parent information.

This year, the FAFA does a much better job at recognizing past applications. After your initial login, you will be prompted to either file your renewal, continue where you left off, or start a new application.

At the bottom of the initial form, you will be asked to create a password. Remember or write down this password as you will need it later if you want to continue your form!

FAFSA Form Help: FAFSA Password

After you finish with the initial form and click Next, it will ask you for your FAFSA PIN. Provide the PIN at this time. Once you've done the initial steps, you'll get the Department of Education's version of a FAFSA guide:

FAFSA Form Help: Dept of Education FAFSA Guide

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