FAFSA Completed! Next Steps

Step #12 of the FAFSA Online Guide to the FAFSA Form tutorial follows. If you have not read through steps 1-11, we suggest you start with step #1. If you are ready to file your financial aid application or FAFSA Renewal form online, then please click here.

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What to do After the FAFSA is Filed

Once you have completed your FAFSA and submitted it, you will get an initial estimate of your financial aid eligibility:

The EFC or Expected Family Contribution printed on this page, assuming that the FAFSA filing went well, is a small part of your overall financial aid. This page also contains all your confirmation data, so make sure you print a copy or two for your records.

Take note below your confirmation information - for parents of dependent students, there's an option to reuse all the parental information in a new FAFSA application, helping to reduce the amount of time you will spend on filing the FAFSA for siblings.

Finally, you will note something new on the FAFSA confirmation page this year - a listing of the school(s) you selected and their graduation rates:

FAFSA Form Help: Additional Tax Information

Dr. Sandra Bartholomew, Dean of Enrollment at Green Mountain College, offered this advice on interpreting this information:

Students should bear in mind that these measures do not accurately reflect how many students actually complete a college education. That's because students who transfer in are not counted when they graduate, but students who transfer out are counted against the college they start with, even if they graduate within the prescribed time limit from another institution. Colleges that serve a large number of transfer students may appear to be doing poorly when in fact they are graduating many more students than the graduation rate reports.

This concludes our tour of the 2014-2015 FAFSA Form! Now that you've read the entire guide, get started filing your FAFSA Application!