FAFSA Special Circumstances and Independent Students | Step 6

Step #6 of the FAFSA Online Guide to the FAFSA Form tutorial follows. If you have not read through steps 1-5, we suggest you start with step #1. If you are ready to file your FAFSA form or Renewal FAFSA form online, then please click here.

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FAFSA Special Circumstances and Independent Students

Once you have completed the dependency questions, the FAFSA will determine whether or not you will need to complete the parental portion of the FAFSA or whether you are a dependent student. What if you feel you have special circumstances that should qualify you as an independent student even though you technically fall under the dependent student classification?

Take note of this screen:

FAFSA Form Help: Special Circumstances

If you are classified as a dependent student, but you cannot provide parental information, click the appropriate button.

The FAFSA application will then ask you if you qualify for the special circumstances that would allow you to file as an independent student.

FAFSA Form Help: Special Circumstances - Missing Parental Information

If you meet the special circumstances listed, you can proceed to file your FAFSA as an independent student. If you do not meet the circumstances, the FAFSA application will let you continue, but warns you that you will only qualify for an unsubsidized loan.

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