FAFSA on the Web

You can fill out and submit your FAFSA on the web. Filing electronically, at www.fafsa.ed.gov, is the fastest and easiest way to apply for federal financial aid. The information you enter when you complete your FAFSA on the web will be checked as you go, and you will be prompted to correct any errors or complete missing information. This process reduces the chance that you will need to correct your information later and means your school will receive your FAFSA application results (your FAFSA EFC) sooner. By filing your FAFSA on the web, you may also be able to skip some questions based on your answers to earlier questions.

What You Need

If you have a FAFSA PIN (Personal Identification Number), you can even sign the FAFSA on the web. Your parents can also request and use their own FAFSA PINs to sign your FAFSA on the web. We encourage you to apply for a FAFSA PIN prior to submitting your FAFSA, but if you don't you'll automatically receive one once your application has been processed.

Use our checklist to find out what you will need to file your FAFSA on the web!

Also, access the Department of Education's financial aid estimator, the FAFSA Forecaster, learn more about your FAFSA EFC and get help with FAFSA on the Web's IRS Data Retrieval Tool.

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