FAFSA Video Tutorial

Do you need to know how the application process for federal student aid works? To help you file your FAFSA, we've created the following financial aid video tutorial. This guide to the 2014-2015 FAFSA on the Web will walk you through completing the form while providing helpful tips along the way! Check it out.

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Quick FAFSA Tips

  • Before you begin your application, have your Federal Student Aid PIN, SSN, tax records, parent financial records and driver's license ready
  • When the FAFSA refers to "I", "You", "Your", etc. it is referring to the student! (not the parent, family, or FAFSA preparer)
  • Always double check even basic things like your address and ZIP code.
  • Nothing will kill a FAFSA faster than errors or omissions! Check everything!

More FAFSA Help

There are a lot of resources on the web to help you complete your FAFSA. Take a look at our FAFSA Frequently Asked Questions to find answers to the most common FAFSA questions.

Having trouble with the online form? You'll need to contact the Department of Education for that.

For more information, visit our FAFSA Form Help section, or contact your school's financial aid office.