Your Financial Aid Application

If you're looking for college financial aid, there are a lot of available options. Read our three steps below for more information on the best ways to pay for college. While you're planning for college, make sure to check out the college action plan at

Financial Aid Application

Step 1: File your FAFSA application

Filing the FAFSA is your first step in the financial aid application process. It allows your school to create your financial aid package, including federal and private financial aid, scholarships, and grants.
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Federal Stafford Loan

Step 2: Win free college scholarships

The best way to finance your higher education is with money you don't have to pay back. The ScholarshipPoints program helps students achieve their college education dreams with the opportunity to win free scholarships.
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Undergraduate College Student Loans

Step 3: Find student loans

Student loans offer flexible options for borrowing money. Fixed interest rates and flexible repayment options make federal student loan programs a great choice.
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Other Financial Aid Applications

While the FAFSA is your resource for federal school funding, there are other applications you may want to consider submitting. For example, your school may also recommend filing a CSS PROFILE application from The College Board, or for some Texas students, the TASFA Application.

Consider a private student loan

We always recommend that students complete the FAFSA, find scholarships, and seek federal financial aid first; however, a private student loan can help cover additional education-related expenses that federal aid and scholarships don't cover. With competitive rates, a private student loan is a great option to help complete your financial aid package.

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FAFSA Filing deadlines for your state or school may be different from the federal deadlines, click here for more information.