Financial Aid Secrets - Qualify for More Financial Aid

Financial aid secrets can help you qualify for more financial aid when you complete the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA).

Reduce Your Adjusted Gross Income

Lowering your AGI will help you qualify for more federal financial aid. We'll tell you why and how to do it.

Get Rid of All Your Cash

The more cash and cash equivalents you have on hand, the less aid you'll be qualified for. Here are some strategies (some more ethical than others) to dump cash quickly before completing your FAFSA.

Apply As Close To January 1 As Possible

Students should apply for as many scholarships and federal grants as possible, because they are essentially free money. However, there is a catch to this strategy.

Do The Practice FAFSA Form

You can get a copy of the paper FAFSA as well as planning worksheets, and if you're really, really good with math, you can get a rough estimate of your EFC.

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Ensure You Are Insured

All things considered, whole life insurance is a poor investment. However, there is one aspect that makes it better than other investments.

Assets Should Not Be In Kids' Names

A student's assets are assessed at more than three times the rate of their parents. Find out what to do if you've made the mistake of saving in your child's name and are completing the FAFSA.

Leave No Entry Blank

Errors and omissions on your Free Application for Federal Student Aid will disqualify you from federal aid faster than you can say "fafsa".

Sell Bad Investments

The FAFSA requires you to provide information about your investments and their net worth. If you've got a poor performing investment, selling it could land you more aid.

Other Financial Aid Options

The FAFSA holds the key to federal, and in some cases state and institutional, financial aid. But the FAFSA isn't the only game in town.